Mike's story

"I volunteered at LCC after meeting them at their Cycle Show 2006 stall at ExCeL.  I was between jobs and looking to start a new career as a corporate fundraiser after having worked as a sales manager.  I wanted to do some volunteer work which would look good on my CV as I was suffering from the age old problem of no experience and no-one willing to take me on so I could get that required experience.

I worked with LCC to help out with their Corporate Affiliation scheme. My role was to contact businesses and sell them the benefits of joining LCC and thus improving their green credentials and improving the health of their workforce.

It was a great opportunity to get some fundraising experience on my CV which has impressed both employers and employment agencies.  I have found that volunteering when out of work gives you an edge in interviews as it show a commitment to learning new skills and staying active.  It is also a great way of breaking the monotony of looking for jobs all week sitting at home in front of your computer in just your pants (that may just be me)!

Another benefit is the feel good factor. It’s a great feeling to know that the work you are doing at LCC is going to help make London a safer place for cyclists as well as helping the environment by encouraging people to leave their dirty cars at home and get on their bike.

The staff at LCC are all very nice which creates a very easygoing work environment and not having to wear a suit is a bonus for a scruffy urchin like me!

I thoroughly recommend putting your time to good use at LCC."