Junction of Grove Road/Burdett Road and Mile End Road isn't going Dutch

Transport for London's Better Junctions programme has published its decision on an important junction on Cycle Superhighway 2, choosing a proposal that falls short of being truly safe and inviting for cycling or walking.

The junction of Mile End Road and Grove Road and Burdett Road is part of phase one of Cycle Superhighway 2, which opened in 2011 from Aldgate to Bow Roundabout. 

The new design proposed at this junctions provides welcome improvements by removing outdated motorway-style left-turn slip-roads on Grove Road and Burdett Road.

These slip-roads are very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians as they encourage motor traffic to turn corners at speeds totally unsuitable for urban areas. 

The mandatory cycle lanes and advanced stop lines to be added to the junction are also an improvement on the previous design.

However, cyclists wanting to turn right from anywhere on the junction will have to filter across multiple lanes of motor traffic to get from the left-hand lane to the right-hand.

Dutch junctions never put cyclists in this amount of danger, using cycling-specific traffic lights to remove conflict between cycling traffic and motorists.

People on foot will have to negotiate indirect staggered crossings, despite the very high footfall from nearby public transport.

We're disappointed that not even the minor suggestions for improvements made in our detailed consultation response were been taken on board (read our response).

We've argued for a consistent strategy for junction design along the whole of Mile End Road, but this isn't taking place and we're frustrated at the piecemeal solutions on offer

So, while a step in the right direction, the measures proposed for Mile End Road junction fall short of being safe and inviting for cycling or walking.