Minister enjoys cycle training but Cycling England could face cuts

Secretary of State for Transport Theresa Villiers has benefited from Bikeability cycle training, at the same time that rumours are circulating that Cycling England might lose funding in the next round of government cuts.

Cycling England, launched in 2005, has channelled over £100 million into Bikeability training in schools, along with the creation of 11 cycling towns and one cycling city.

Villiers spent two hours on a London Hire Bike with an experienced CTUK instructor, who awarded the minister Level 2 of the nationally recognised Bikeability National Standard.

  • Level 1 indicated sufficient control of a bicycle in off-road locations.
  • Level 2 certification shows that cyclists have the skills and confidence to ride on moderately busy city streets.
  • Level 3 is the highest level of atttainment, which is suitable for riders who want to use facillties such as multi-lane roads and roundabouts.

“I really enjoyed the training, it was fun. I feel more confident riding my bike now,” said Villiers.