More City of London streets are being returned to two-way for cyclists

After a successful consultation, and responding to requests from LCC and Cyclists in the City, the City of London has introduced two-way cycling on 11 streets within the square mile where there were restrictions before.

The changes enable cyclists to reduce the length of their journeys and avoid very busy streets.

According to the City of London, “The improvements will provide 800 metres worth of street changes with a potential journey distance reduction of 2km for cyclists.”

Two way working in Watergate for example, now enables cyclists to avoid busy traffic on Farringdon Road as they come off Blackfriars Bridge and follow a quieter route to Camden via Shoe Lane and Hatton Gardens.

LCC sees the changes as ’a welcome outbreak of common sense’ and encourages other boroughs to follow the City of London example of improving cycle access to all streets.

The streets affected by the new measures are:

  • Cutler Street
  • Carter Lane and Creed Lane
  • Watergate and Kingscote Street
  • Russia Row and Trump Street
  • Furnival Street

As part of the changes the City says it has also been possible to remove the one-way restrictions on some streets for all vehicles.

This will improve accessibility for all on:

  • Stoney Lane and White Kennett Street 
  • Norwich Street