More maintenance classes

Lambeth Cyclists are organising more classes this Autumn, details below.

Feedback from earlier classes shows they have been very well received. As one participant put it:

"Simon is a fantastic, patient teacher who makes sure everyone "gets it". I found the course to be great value, having paid for itself several times over in savings on shop servicing. Couldn't recommend it enough."

If you are interested, then please read carefully below. It outlines what is involved and how to register.

The Classes

A new set of classes will run for five (5) consecutive Tuesdays, on the following dates:

14th June 2011
21st June
28th June
5th July
12th July

Each class will start at 18.30 and last for 2 hours. The trainer, Simon Bendel, works at Brixton Cycles:

Feedback from earlier classes shows they have been very well received.

The subjects covered will be:

  • 1st week: general introduction
  • 2nd week: brakes
  • 3rd week: gears
  • 4th week: wheels/ tyres
  • 5th week: fix any particular problems you have, follow up from previous weeks.

You will get a handout at the end of each week.

Each class will consist of 8 participants, working in pairs on their own bikes. Tools and workstands will be provided. Some spares can be bought at the classes.

The classes will be hosted at:

Lambeth Accord Building
336 Brixton Rd
London SW9 7AA

Preference will be given to London Cycling Campaign members who live or work in Lambeth. People often join the LCC to get a place as the classes are so popular. Plus there are many other benefits to membership, see here for example:

LCC membership benefits

The cost is £55 per person. If you are on income related benefits you only need to pay £5 (with confirmation).

If you are interested:

Please send an email via the reply form below.

We will then reserve your place and subsequently ask you to send a Cheque for £55 (or £5 if on income related benefits) payable to Lambeth Cyclists.

Please note we will also require the following information once you get an offer of a place:

  1. your address, including postcode
  2. your telephone number and/ or email address
  3. a photocopy of your LCC card, or your signed authorisation for us to check this with the LCC or an email from the LCC office confirming your membership
  4. if you are not living in Lambeth, proof that you are working in Lambeth, e.g. a letter from your employer, on headed notepaper, confirming the Lambeth address from which you work
  5. proof of your income related benefit if paying reduced rate

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, subject to the requirements listed above being met. We will let you know as soon as we can if you have a place.

Form to get in touch: