Motion for Blackfriars 20mph will be voted on by London Assembly on 20 July

The motion asking the Mayor to retain the 20mph limit at Blackfriars is being reintroduced in the London Assembly on the 20 July 2011.

If you haven't already, please sign our petition supporting it (and you can post a photo too, if you like), then please do so today.

When the motion was first submitted by Assembly members last month, with support from Green, Labour and Lib-Dem politicians, Conservatives walked out, preventing a debate or vote on the motion.

This time the likely presence of all opposition Assembly members will ensure the meeting is quorate, so a vote takes place, and some Conservative members might support the motion.

While the Assembly cannot force the Mayor to act, a vote in favour of 20mph puts pressure on him to think again about Blackfriars.

More than 1500 people have already shown their support for the motion, and we'll be presenting the petition to Assembly members so it can be formally introduced at the debate.

The motion follows formal objections from us, as well as hundreds of emails from cyclists prompted to complain to Transport for London by ourselves and bloggers such as Cyclists in the City and iBikeLondon.

Cyclists are objecting to the series of flawed designs for the northern junction of the bridge and to the plan to raise the speed limit from 20mph to 30mph.

The current speed limit was introduced during roadworks, and Transport for London has proposed scrapping it for a series of highly unconvincing technical reasons.

You can add weight to those of us calling for the 20mph speed limit to be retained by emailing your Assembly member before the vote, and expressing a re-think of priorities on the Mayor's streets.

The Assembly motion says:

"This Assembly regrets the Mayor's failure to retain the temporary 20mph speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge in the permanent new scheme for the bridge. We note the recommendation for a 20 mph speed limit on four London bridges in a 2008 Transport for London report, and the recent decision of the Corporation of London to ask officers to bring forward plans for the whole of the City of London to become a 20mph zone, including TfL roads. We ask the Mayor to reconsider his rejection of a 20mph limit on Blackfriars Bridge, in the interests of the safety of all its users."

Please sign below to show your support for the motion 

We, the undersigned, support the motion in the London Assembly asking the Mayor to reconsider his rejection of a 20mph limit on Blackfriars Bridge, in the interest of the safety of all road users.