Motorbikes in bus lanes trial despite opposition

Transport for London is going ahead with an 18-month trial allowing motorbikes in red-route bus lanes from 5th January.

More than 4000 LCC members signed a petition asking the mayor to reconsider the measure. LCC thanks those who signed for their support, and has repeatedly brought the petition to the mayor’s attention.

The mayor has not agreed to withdraw the measure, despite your objections, but neither is it a permanent measure.

The mayor says extension of the trial will depend on "motorcyclists using this privilege sensibly and [on the fact that motorcyclists] do not do anything that undermines the confidence or compromise the rights of cyclists".

It is vitally important that the trial is properly monitored and evaluated and your experiences and observations will be central to this.

LCC will be gathering comments and information on any cyclist and pedestrian experiences and incidents. Please return to this site from 5th January to use our reporting form for passing on your views and reports of incidents in bus lanes.

LCC sent in formal objections to TfL’s Experimental Traffic Order, which is the legislation that is being used to permit motorcycles into bus lanes on red routes.

We expressed concern at the lack of prior public consultation before the announcement of the measure and the lack of a proper study of the wider impact of the measure on all roads, its impact on the conditions for cycling and walking, its effect on noise and air pollution and on enjoyment of the street.

Although LCC opposes motorcycles in bus lanes, the organisation is not anti-motorcyclist and recognises the common cause of motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians in reducing road danger.

We support measures to reduce such danger by enforcing speed limits, introducing 20mph limits, and improving the safety features of lorries.

The trial will only apply to bus lanes on the Transport for London road network (red routes) with a number of exceptions such as contraflow bus lanes. Most bus lanes on borough roads are excluded. 

During the first six months of the trial (until 5th July 2009), members of the public will be able to submit comments on the measure to Transport for London website,