Mouth to Mouth North 'n' South July 2003

Jonathan Edwards:-

Thanks to all who contributed to my cause by buying quiz sheets or simply gave money.

I ended up cycling 690 miles from Yarmouth (Isle of Wight) to Barmouth to Eyemouth and raised £605 for Afasic - a charity helping speech-impaired children. (It was a sort of a joke, you see: Mouth to Mouth to Mouth for Mouths. But it never really was very funny.)

ICAG’s Eric Manners won the quiz, so well done to him, and even more thanks for generously returning the prize money to the charity.

Thanks also to Fiona Clark for her generous donation.

I am currently planning a one day event for Afasic next year involving the mouths of the Thames, Lea and Medway.

Watch this space