MPs condemn UK road safety

Lower speed limits and stricter policing of drink driving are two of the measures needed to reduce the unacceptable death toll on Britain's roads says the Commons transport committee in its latest report.

Commenting on the report, LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "Lower speed limits in urban areas increase safety for everyone: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The chance of death or serious injury is much greater at 40mph than at 20mph, while the time added to journeys by slightly lower speed limits in urban areas is actually not that great."

"Studies have also shown that at speeds below 20mph, people can maintain eye contact with each other while on the roads. This is an essential part of human interaction, and helps keep our streets safer for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians."

"Cycling in London is still low risk considering the millions of miles travelled every year, but we must do everything we can to make our roads more people-friendly."

A lower speed limit is just one measure LCC advocates to improve road safety; others include returning dangerous one-way and giratory road layouts to more people-friendly streets, and offering free or subsidised cycle training to all children and adults.