National Cycling Project Awards 2005

These awards aim to raise awareness of successful schemes or projects that are making a positive contribution to cycling. They are jointly run by CTC, the national cyclists' organisation and the CCN, the federation of cycle campaign groups.

This year’s awards included nominations for local authorities, transport operators, businesses, schools and community organisations.

This year’s joint winners are:

Budgie Bikes Ltd

This bike hire business impressed the judges with its scope, ambition and sustained development.

Cycling for Women

The judges were impressed by this well-targeted project from the Women’s Design Service based in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Camden.

STA Bikes, Sir Thomas Abney Primary School, Hackney

The judges were impressed by this school-based project with its inclusive, comprehensive approach.

The London Borough of Ealing

Ealing has successfully worked on a range of connected projects including on-road training, security in colleges, schools and in the home, Bike Buddies and a Bicycle Support Team. This comprehensive and enthusiastic approach adopted in Ealing made this authority stand out.

For more information about these awards, and the winners visit the CTC website.

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Comment from Frank Black, Southwark

I think these awards are a great idea.

Comment from Jerry, Southall

I think these awards sound rubbish.