New cyclists

How we can get you cycling

Advice and support is at hand

Cycling in London is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways of getting around. It improves your health and sense of well being; it is economical and convenient; and it is environmentally-friendly. Cycling can however seem daunting when you first start using your bike in London.

LCC has published a range of information booklets and offers advice and support for cyclists and people wishing to start cycling. The booklets cover topics from "Buying a Bike" to "Cycle Security" and "Cycle Maintenance".

This information and more is available to download in PDF format from this website, and can also be viewed as web pages. Have a look at our section on cycling information to find out anything from cycling mileage allowances and what lights you need, to how to change an inner tube and where you can get subsidised cycle training in every borough.

We also helped produce a series of 19 London Route Maps, which provide details of cycle routes and facilities for all of London. Click on "London route maps" for more info.