New data shows Transport for London underestimating cycling growth at Blackfriars

Cycling trips on London’s main roads in Spring of this year were up by almost 200% on 2001, according to new data from the Transport for London business plan.

This data undermines TfL's projections for cycling at Blackfriars, which were based on 2007 data.

TfL has said that it is revising its projections for London as a whole because of the new numbers, but so far the huge growth in cycling doesn't appear to count at Blackfriars.

TfL’s estimates for 2008 and 2012 put cycling levels at the junction as less than half those of car occupants, even though TfL’s own counts in 2010 showed that cycle users crossing Blackfriars Bridge accounted for more than a third of all vehicles.

A London Cycling Campaign count in August 2011 showed that more than 1500 cyclists went through Blackfriars junction in a single hour.