New Scheme to reunite stolen bikes with their owners

What is this initiative?

The Metropolitan Police in partnership with the Tower Hamlets Market Inspectors have been working for a number of months seizing suspected stolen pedal cycles from illegal street traders in Brick Lane Market, in order that these cycles can be returned to their respectful owners.

What are its successes?

So far, the police and market inspectors have seized over 40 pedal cycles in the hope of returning them to their owners. In addition those persons caught trading illegally are prosecuted.

What should you do?

Before your bike is stolen you should:

  1. Download a copy of TfL's Cycle Record Card
  2. Fill in the details including your frame number and a photograph if possible.
  3. Keep this card safe, and take it to the police should your bike be stolen. (The Metropolitan Police say that they seldom recover lost or stolen bikes without unique ID).

If your cycle is lost or stolen:

1. Report this to the police. Please try to give the most complete description possible. This should include:

  • make & model

  • colour

  • type of handlebars

  • distinctive marks

  • any accessories

  • the frame number is also very helpful. This can be found on the bottom of the frame

  • a picture of the cycle is also useful

2. Attend Brick Lane Police Station, 25 Brick Lane, E1 with your crime reference number. You will be able to look through the seized cycle picture folder & hopefully identify your bike.

3. If your cycle is not amongst the ones that have already been confiscated the police will keep your details & contact you if they come across it.