New Soho gym offers bike parking spaces for London cycle commuters

photo H2 An artists' impression of the new gym in Soho, which will offer "secure' bike parking"

A private gym opening in Soho in April 2011 will have 230 secure bike parking spaces and 40 showers, aiming to attract a slice of London's burgeoning cycle commuter market.

As well as parking, the H2 gym in Dufours Place will have an on-site bike shop and maintenance services, allowing members to drop their bike off in the morning and pick it up on the way home.

There'll also be fitness equipment and classes, locker hire and laundry services.

According to H2's press release, bike parking spaces will be CCTV-monitored, with additional security measures.

It's not been confirmed whether there'll be 24-hour bike access or a locked compound.
LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "A lot of commuters won't mind paying for a shower and secure bike parking if they have neither at work.

"And it's good that the private sector has spotted the demand, but it's nowhere near filling the vast bike parking black hole that exists in central London.

9.30am-10pm membership starts at £28, with peak 6am-10pm costing £40. However, bike parking and lockers will cost extra, and there's a joining fee (waived for early-bird and corporate members).

A second H2 gym is expected to open in London Wall in summer 2011, with a third at the planning stage.