Big win! Stratford major scheme opens

We recommend watching the video at double speed!

Newham has officially opened the transformed Stratford town centre, and what a result it is!

It replaces the old gyratory, which had previously dominated Stratford town centre, surrounding the old shopping centre and cutting off Westfield, the mega-busy train and bus station and the Olympic Park with multiple lanes of traffic. Cycle Superhighway CS2 runs out here, and there's lots of cycling in the area already despite the hostile streets.

But they are hostile no more. The project has introduced physically protected cycle tracks around the entire junction, upgraded pedestrian crossings and removed the gyratory by creating two-way roads which will calm and slow motor traffic. Our Infrastructure Campaigner rode round the scheme on launch day, and gave it a glowing review. In the video you can see cycle crossings, vans parked in the cycle track (it is early days) and some interesting design details that may need a snagging list. But this represents a major win for cycling and a major win for the area.

Newham Cyclists, our local group, deservedly won Best Infrastructure Campaign at our Campaigner Awards last year for their work around the scheme - in first pushing for it, then promoting it, working with the council every step of the way.

So what's next for them and the borough? TfL's Strategic Cycling Analysis highlights the importance of an extension out towards Ilford, as well as a southern route to Plaistow. So there is lots more to be done to make cycling safer in Newham, but the good news is that the sucess of the improvemnts at Stratford town center have clearly emboldened the council. They put in three Liveable Neighbourhood bids last year (we're just about to find out whether they won any) and are moving forward now with gusto.