A13[06] cycle route (and alternatives)

Some of the team that audited the A13[06] cycle route (and alternatives) in May 2003 examined the report in detail and ways to accelerate implementation.

Our Cycling Officer liked most of the recommendations and has re-negotiated a few with TfL's consultants. There was a good measure of agreement, despite 'full and frank' discussion of priorities and which kinds of provision are best. I hope our Cycling Officer gets the backing and funding to make a good start.


English Regions Cycling Development Team's reports
Some NE sector borough coordinators discussed the English Regions Cycling Development Team's reports with Brian Dalton. I thought a rather rosy picture of B&D was painted, but I did agree with the recommendations. The challenge is how to get anyone to take any notice of them. Thanks to Oliver Schick for skilfully chairing this meeting.


Barking & Dagenham Festival of Cycling on 12-13 June
We hope there will be a Barking & Dagenham Festival of Cycling on 12-13 June, the first two days of Bike Week. As I write, an enthusiastic new council officer is trying to put this together.

For details keep an eye on:

The current plans are for a promotional event in Barking on the Saturday, with guests, the Company Of Cyclists ( from York, and a couple of rides based around the Millennium Centre in Eastbrookend Country Park on the Sunday. It is great that B&D have even planned these events and I really hope they come off. By the time you read this perhaps we'll know.