Campaigners celebrate as thousands more London lorry drivers in line for cyclist-awareness training

Thousands more lorry drivers could soon receive cyclist-awareness training now that every borough in Greater London has the go-ahead to provide officially approved on-bike training backed by Transport for London (TfL) funding.

LCC, through our No More Lethal Lorries campaign, has played a key role in highlighting the problem of lorry deaths in the capital, including pushing for widespread adoption of cyclist-awareness training by London boroughs.  

So far 6 of 33 London boroughs have given their lorry drivers cyclist-awareness training, but the measure is likely to be rolled out to all councils as it now qualifies as part of a driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), compulsory training that every UK driver must undertake once a year.



Private lorry operators are also more likely to fund cyclist-awareness training for their drivers now that it's CPC-accredited.

LCC campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd (freight expert and former lorry driver) said, "Drivers who've ridden on the roads as part of the training tell us they feel more aware of more vulnerable road users, which can help prevent injury and death.



"This is a major step towards achieving our aim that all lorry drivers working in London get cyclist-awareness training.

HGVs account for about half of cyclist fatalities in Greater London, even though they make up only 5% of traffic.

The No More Lethal Lorries campaign, including a 10,000-name petition handed in to the mayor in July this year, has been instrumental in bringing about the change.

Lloyd said, "We want to thank the 10,000-plus people who supported our petition, donated to our appeal, and gave their time to the campaign.

"And well done to Transport for London, Cycle Training UK, Bikeworks and for pushing through the official approval for the training."