Nominations for the Management Committee

Six spaces become available at the 2004 AGM, and four nominations were received.  The candidates will, therefore, be elected unopposed. Here are the candidates supporting statements.

Oliver Schick
Proposed by Trevor Parsons, seconded by Brenda Peuch
I’m an experienced campaigner keen to help take forward the LCC’s work at a time when the organisation faces key challenges as to how to continue it’s exceptional growth and success.  I have a particularly strong interest in the campaigning side, and having been a borough group activist for the past five years, I want to use my knowledge of borough groups to help integrate them and the ‘centre’, promoting strategies to expand LCC’s volunteer base.

Zoe Macalpine
Proposed by Sam Goddard, seconded by Sue Stanley
I am a keen cyclist, London born and bred and committed to making London a safer place to cycle for all London cyclists.  I have been on the Management Committee for  over two years and was instrumental in setting up (and currently chair) the Income Generation and Marketing Group.  LCC is at a very exciting point and income generation is key to its continued stability and development.  I am very keen to continue my close involvement with LCC through the Management Committee.

Andrew John Cawdell
Proposed by Ashok Sinha and seconded by David Brodie
I have been involved with LCC since around the time it was being set up in 1977/80.  I am committed to increasing the numbers of cyclists on London’s roads and to improving the quality of cycling.  I wish to continue as  a Management Committee member to see through the present work plan, to support the administration and work on fundraising, particularly in finding new premises and raising funds for work on engineering and health projects.

Ashok Sinha
Proposed by Andrew Cawdell and seconded by Kim Trathen.
Having joined the Management Committee (MC) two years ago, I have helped handle the planned expansion in both the scope and scale of LCC’s work.  In particular I have served on the campaigns subcommittee, and as deputy chair of the MC.  As we approach the mid-point of the strategic plan, a clear priority will be to maintain LCC’s new areas of activity whilst carefully managing and diversifying LCC’s income.