Nowhere to park? LCC + TfL are tackling a cycling issue with the people who know best – you!

Cycle parking made the London news this week with Transport for London’s announcement of new cycling hubs, a superhub of 5000 spaces at Waterloo and two smaller hubs at stations in Hounslow and Greenwich.  Whilst these hubs are welcome they will only go part of the way to the mayor’s commitment of providing 80,000 new cycle parking spaces by the end of 2016.

The door to door, one mode nature of cycling is one of its biggest appeals, making it convenient; efficient and a darn sight cheaper than bus to tube to bus etc. But often the final bit of infrastructure is missing – secure and convenient cycle parking at your destination. LCC have been working with TfL to develop Urban Cycle Parking, which launched this week.

Our Chief Executive, Ashok Sinha said
“The launch of this interactive Urban Cycle Parking website is a great opportunity for London cyclists to play an active role in improving cycling provision and to suggest the right places to install cycle stands. Substantially more high quality cycle parking at stations and on streets is vital to sustain the welcome growth in cycle use.”

This tool allows anyone to suggest locations for new cycle parking and will tap into the knowledge held by all of us as we cycle around London each day. This database will help councils and TfL ensure that any future investment in new cycle parking is where Londoners want it to be. The database also shows existing parking, where we have the data and LCC are working with boroughs to get this information as comprehensive as possible. We recently surveyed cycling in Brent, Lambeth, Ealing and looked into parking at all stations across greater London. We discovered there are over 21,000 spaces for cycles at all of London’s stations.

So if you’ve ever been frustrated that there isn’t anywhere to park your bike outside your local shops, pub or gym, now’s your chance to let the right people know about it!

By Stewart Dring, Cycling Projects Manager