Time to nominate yourself for the new London Cycling Campaign elected Policy Forum

London Cycling Campaign members have until midday on Friday 16 June 2012 to nominate themselves for our new elected Policy Forum, which will help shape our future transport policy and campaigns.

Cycling is a constantly changing and evolving topic, and we want our members and local groups to play an even greater part in shaping the debate and our direction.

There are two ways LCC members can take part in the Policy Forum: 

  1. Nominate themselves as a candidate before midday on 15 June 
  2. Vote for candidates in the electronic ballot from 18-29 June

What will the Forum do? 

The Forum will be elected every two years by an electronic ballot of members and will:

  • meet quarterly
  • review LCC policy positions
  • identify new issues
  • draft and recommend to the Board changes to LCC positions
  • recommend to the Campaigns Committee priority issues for campaigns

What is the composition of the Forum?

The Forum will comprise 9 members, selected in the following way:

  • 2 members who are not candidates in the categories below, self-nominated, and elected by a ballot of the whole membership 
  • 2 inner London Borough Group representatives, elected by the Local Groups Forum from nominees presented by inner London borough coordinators
  • 2 outer London Borough Group representatives, elected by the Local Groups Forum from nominees presented by outer London borough coordinators
  • 1 Affiliate Group representative, elected by the Local Groups Forum from nominees presented by Affiliate Group coordinators
  • 2 trustees, appointed by the board, one of whom will chair the Forum

What kind of person are we looking for?

It goes without saying you're passionate about cycling, and you probably already contribute regularly and constructively to discussions, whether it's via our website forum (or others), our Yahoo email groups, local group meetings, your own blog, or one of the many other discussion outlets that exists.

You're also the kind of person who meets and listens to other Londoners (some of whom will be cyclists), and can take on board their experiences of cycling, allowing them to shape your views and enhance the Forum.

There's a strong chance you're knowledgeable about cycling infrastructure in other UK towns and cities (successful or otherwise), as well as cycling provision overseas.

Finally, you must be a current LCC member, and be willing to attend quarterly meetings in central London.

How do I nominate myself for the Forum?

Please write 250 words telling the membership why you're a suitable candidate, and email it to policy@lcc.org.uk (including your full name and address with your nomination).

In your nomination, you might want to say how you're already contributing to cycling discussions, as well as telling members your aspirations for cycling policy in the capital. Please don't just say we should 'grow cycling' and 'improve conditions': tell our members how it should be done.

What if I'm not an LCC member?

If you're not a member, you won't be able to nominate yourself or vote, but we hope you'll consider joining LCC so you can take part in shaping the future of London cycling and support our campaigns.

When are nominations open?

Nominations are open now until midday on Friday 15 June.

When will voting take place?

An electronic ballot of members will take place from Monday 18 June to Monday 25 June 2012. We'll email all our members at midday on Monday 18 June, and keep the ballot open until midday on Monday 25 June.

What if I'm a member and don't receive a voting email?

If you don't receive a voting email by midday on 20 June, please contact our membership team on 020 7234 9310 so we can update your records. Our intention to run an electronic ballot has been advertised in our membership magazine London Cyclist, for the last two issue.

I have a question about the Forum or the vote?

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us via info@lcc.org.uk.