Old Street plans not good enough to create safe #space4cycling

Old Street currently

Transport for London has published its report in response to the consultation on Old Street - but LCC is concerned the plans aren't going to provide the safe space for cycling (or walking) that this location needs.

Old Street roundabout should be a London landmark with a distinct sense of place, but it’s currently an inhospitable environment for cycling and walking. There have been numerous collisions in the vicinity of the roundabout. Despite the hostile road conditions Old Street junction is one of the busiest for cycling in London, with cyclists making up almost a third of all traffic in the morning rush hour.

We welcome the ambition to make it safer for cycling, but we have concerns that the plans are not safe enough and will not provide the safe and inviting space for cycling that this location should offer. Current levels of motor traffic are unacceptably high, and the proposals make no attempt to address this. At the same time, the planned cycle tracks will not offer enough space to accommodate current numbers of cyclists, let alone future. Cycle tracks that don’t offer sufficient capacity will force cyclists onto the busy road - a daunting prospect for the majority of cyclists. 

The proposals are also bad news for pedestrians: they'd mean a reduction in pedestrian space, potentially leading to people choosing to walk on the cycle lanes because the pavements would be so narrow. The absence of pedestrian crossing on the east side of the junction will also drive pedestrians to cross using the cycle lane across the road or make other risky crossing choices. The relocation of bus stops will also inconvenience the numerous bus users wishing to access Old Street station. 

We'd like to see the roundabout replaced with crossroads, with more space for cycling reallocated from the road, not the footway. Crossroads would make it a much simpler layout and make it easier to provide protected space and improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists.

Download our response to the consultation.