Caroline Pidgeon, Lib-Dem Mayoral Candidate, promises boost to cycling budget

Caroline Pidgeon, the Mayoral candidate for the Liberal Democrats, has published her manifesto following an earlier commitment to meet all three of LCC’s Sign for Cycling pledges. 

In her manifesto Pidgeon declares that she will allocate 3% of the Transport for London budget to cycling, a sum that is more than double the current proportion of spending . 

London Cycling Campaign welcomes this commitment as well as Pidgeon’s support for LCC’s Sign for Cycling pledges.  All of the women candidates for the Mayor’s post  (Caroline Pidgeon, Sian Berry(Green)  and Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality)) have now signed up to LCC’s pledges.  LCC Chief Executive, Dr Ashok Sinha said:

“We were pleased that Caroline Pidgeon was the first of the Mayoral candidates to commit to implementing the three-point agenda of LCC’s Sign for Cycling canpaign.Her manifesto pledge to double cycling investment will help ensure she meets this commitment if elected.”

What is LCC calling for?

  • More safe space for cycling on main roads and at junctions
  • More ‘Mini Hollands’ to create cycle-friendly town centres in every borough
  • An end to lorry danger on London’s roads with smarter, safer lorries

Read more about our policy here

In her manifesto, Pidgeon says:

“Cycling has more than doubled over the last 10 years and is now an integral part of London’s transport network, but still only accounts for 2% of journeys made in London compared to 13% in Berlin and 48% in Amsterdam city centre. We will:…increase the budget for cycling infrastructure to 3% of the TfL budget and ensure that money is spent - in 2014/15 £107m was allocated but only £60m spent’ “

London’s population is growing rapidly. If we don’t enable more people to cycle we’ll face even higher pollution levels, crippling congestion on our streets and more crowding on the tube. Supporting and enabling more people to cycle safely and enjoyably, would help to tackle this problem. But it’s vital for the capital that the next Mayor has cycling firmly on their agenda for the next four years. Disregarding cycling’s potential would undermine the progress made over the past few years – London needs many more of the high quality schemes we’re now beginning to see, that make cycling safer and get many more people on bikes.

We need to make sure all candidates understand that a commitment to growing cycling is a commitment to keep London moving, for the benefit of all Londoners. The essential ingredient to achieve that growth is the provision of international-quality cycling facilities. Londoners can do this by supporting Sign for Cycling and putting their names to our petition for a safer, happier, healthier London.

Surveys show that millions of Londoners would like to start cycling, or cycle more, in the capital. The primary reason that they cite for not doing so is road danger. Addressing this issue is key to unlocking London’s potential as a cycling city. 

We are at a tipping point: we either work to sustain the welcome growth in cycling or allow London to grind to a smog inducing standstill. The time to Sign for Cycling is now.

What is in Caroline Pidgeon’s manifesto?

  • introduce smart charging - the base charge will be increased to £14 with an additional charge of £6 for entering the zone in peak times to discourage further driving into central London at the busiest times. All revenue will be ring-fenced to improve public transport. 
  • add an additional charge of £2.50 on diesel vehicles using the Congestion Charge Zone to help reduce pollution 
  • establish a Congestion Charge Zone around Heathrow Airport, 
  • annually increase congestion charges sufficiently at least to keep pace with the rise in fares on public transport, so ensuring fairness between private commuters and those using public transport 
  • introduce a work-place parking levy in central London - employers in central London and Canary Wharf will pay a levy of £3,000 per annum for each parking place they provide to their employees, with exemptions for categories such as Blue Badge holders and emergency services.
  • introduce a peak-time ban on HGVs in central London and develop a London-wide strategy for reducing freight traffic on London’s roads, including greater use of consolidation centres and the use of the River Thames
  • speed up the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone by two years – starting in 2018 rather than 2020 – with additional charges for polluting vehicles
  • extend 20mph speed limits to dangerously busy streets controlled by TfL where Londoners live, work and play – so reducing accidents and saving millions from the health service budget alone 
  • work with those London boroughs not yet implementing 20mph zones as the norm on borough roads, with the aim of making London a “City of 20”

Specifically on cycling, she says that she will:

  • continue to support the cycle superhighways and also speed up the implementation of Quietways  
  • extend ‘mini-Holland’ projects, while learning the lessons about public engagement from the current schemes 
  • increase the budget for cycling infrastructure to 3% of the TfL budget and ensure that money is spent - in 2014/15 £107m was allocated but only £60m spent  
  • immediately review all major junctions and roundabouts to improve safety, including giving cyclists priority at junctions 
  • introduce segregated cycle lanes where practicable 
  • give much more support for people looking to start cycling, including cycle safety training, with every person attending a training course entitled, through sponsorship, to discounts on safety gear. 
  • support a new pedestrian and cycling crossing between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf 
  • promote the cycle hire scheme to groups who are not using it regularly, particularly women and younger adults who live in London 
  • expand the cycle hire scheme further to south London eg Rotherhithe and Bermondsey and further into north London too  
  • ensure that contactless payment is extended to the cycle hire scheme  
  • increase the annual membership fee for cycle hire to non-Londoners  

What are other candidates saying on cycling?

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Have you signed for cycling yet?