ON-ONE Pompetamine, £1200, www.on-one.co.uk

As one of this British firm’s most popular bikes, the Pompetamine comes with an enticing spec that comprises steel frame and fork, 11-speed Shimano hub-gears, and hydraulic disc brakes.

We tested a small size, and experienced occasional toe contact with the front wheel. This can be a problem with smaller 700c frames, so try before you buy. There are mudguard bosses if you need them, and it’ll accept up to 35mm tyres.

The drivetrain is built around the latest 11-speed Alfine hub gear system; it gives smooth changes and massive range, and is happy whistling around the city or chugging up the Surrey Hills. It’s pricey, mind, but there’s an 8-speed Pompetamine for £750.

The brakes are Shimano hydraulics, which are fabulous in all conditions. Wheels are DT Swiss double-wall rims for extra strength. We inadvertently put the On-One through a vast pothole on a fast descent and although the wheel needed trueing later, it didn’t break — many rims wouldn’t have survived this impact. Finishing kit is mostly own brand and our only criticism is the super-wide bars. Overall, this is a lovely bike: it attracted plenty of nods for its style and intriguing spec, and proved itself a tough cookie on the road. Sizes S-XL.

PROS great gears, robust
CONS small frame’s geometry