One third of London local election candidates now backing Space for Cycling campaign in their neighbourhood

With 9 days to go until the local elections, a massive 2254 London local election candidates (over one-third of the total standing*) are already backing our Space for Cycling campaign, with major support from the four largest parties.

In the four largest parties, a significant proportion of candidates are backing our call for ward-specific cycling improvements in their areas:

  • 100% of Greens (845 candidates of 845 London-wide)
  • 33% of Labour (623 of 1868)
  • 25% of Liberal Democrats (323 of 1311)
  • 11% of Conservatives (183 of 1749)

9% of independent candidates (12 from 129) are backing our campaign also, as are 3% of UKIP candidates (13 from 453).

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, “We’re thrilled at the level of support from many of the large parties in Greater London, and we expect many more candidates to back our local cycling improvements before the 22 May election.

“As well as the many individuals backing our local Space for Cycling measures, many parties have chosen to support Space for Cycling en masse, including the London-wide Greens, Sutton Labour, Merton Conservatives and Hackney Liberal Democrats.

“It looks like our calls for streets that are safe and inviting for everyone to cycle are resonating with mainstream policy-makers at borough level in way that hasn’t been achieved previously. We look forward to new councils being composed of more cycling supporters than ever before.”

Space for Cycling is calling for over 600 ward-specific improvements to local streets that would make cycling safer and more inviting for everyone.

Of the other parties contesting the local elections, the Trade Union Socialist Coalition, the People Before Profit party, and the All People’s Party have all backed our campaign, with 100% of all their candidates backing Space for Cycling in their neighbourhoods.

Only the Christian Alliance party, with 54 candidates, has failed to show any support for Space for Cycling.

TABLE 1: Candidates backing Space for Cycling by party



Lib Dem323/131125%







Chris All0/540%



LIST 1: Candidates backing Space for Cycling by borough party

Many individual candidates are backing our campaign, as are a number of borough parties, which have signed up to support Space for Cycling en masse – these include: 


HackneyLabour and Liberal Democrats


HounslowAll People’s Party



LewishamAll People’s Party

SouthwarkLiberal Democrats and All People’s Party



*The total candidates standing refers to those candidates who are listed in the London Cycling Campaign’s database which may not include candidates for which we have no contact details for, or who have not been willing to provide them.