Open letter sent to Mayor Boris Johnson by a family friend of Bow cyclist fatality Brian Dorling

This is an open letter sent by a family friend of Brian Dorling to the Mayor Boris Johnson.

Mr Dorling was run over by a lorry on Monday 24 October, at Bow roundabout, a location that forms part of Cycle Superhighway 2.  

The letter laments the poor facilites for cyclists on this dangerous route, and calls for the Mayor to bring about substantial improvements, no matter the effect on motor traffic. 

Dear Boris Johnson,

I very much admire you as an engaging political character and an advocate of the green and healthy benefits of cycling in general. That said, I hope and expect that you must be greatly saddened by the death on Monday morning of a good friend of my family and me, Brian Dorling, at the Bow roundabout.

From what I understand, it seems frankly appalling that cyclists are actively encouraged to follow a corporate-sponsored cycle route that leaves them at a junction already and widely known as an accident waiting to happen.

There is a ghastly irony that while London is promoting cycle access to the Olympic Park, Brian - himself a keen amateur sportsman - should die cycling on his way to work as a surveyor on this very project.

We shall support his family at this time as best we can, but I would also hope that yourself and Transport for London also do not let him down.

Brian's death has been reported as the first on the so-called 'Cycle Superhighways'. His legacy, and the ultimate success of these schemes, is to ensure that his is also the last.

Please assure me, and those of us close to Brian, that (without reference to the consequences of interfering with the flow of motorised traffic) cyclists will be warned they are entering a Danger Zone at this location and that alternative routes are provided and that suitable signage is erected.

I look forward to a positive response that may bring some recognition and comfort to his family and those others of us who are now without our friend.

Yours sincerely

Mr S R Maynard

Copies of the letter were sent to us, the Mayor, Newham Council, Sustrans, CTC, the Olympic Delivery Agency, ROSPA and Sebastian Coe (LOCOG).