Open Letter to Sadiq Khan - London's new Mayor

Open Letter to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London from London Cycling Campaign


Tuesday 10th May 2016

Dear Mr Khan,

Many congratulations on being elected as Mayor of London. The London Cycling Campaign wishes you well in achieving your goal to make life better for all Londoners. We look forward to working with you to make London a better city for everyone through making it a safer and more inviting place to cycle.

We pay tribute to your predecessor, Boris Johnson for the legacy he has left of new, Dutch-style cycling facilities. It is to his credit that he agreed in 2012 to meet the terms of LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign; and it is to your credit that you will build on this via the commitment you have given to achieving the three-point agenda of our 2016 Sign for Cycling campaign.

As you begin your period of office we urge you to proceed straight away towards meeting this three-point agenda:

First, we call on you to achieve the tripling of protected space for cycling to which you are committed by: ensuring there is no slowdown in TfL’s Cycle Superhighway programme; accelerating safety measures at dangerous junctions; and investing in international quality cycling provision on main roads across London.

Second, we call on you to make an immediate start on your promise to create a framework for every borough to access funding for  ‘Mini-Holland’ style schemes, delivering investment in cycling and walking to town centres, high streets or other areas of economic-social activity. We know from past experience that such schemes require considerable planning and preparation, so the sooner you begin, the sooner people wishing to make local journeys by cycle will have the chance to do so more safely and enjoyably. We look forward to seeing an announcement in the coming months.

Third, we ask that you commission work immediately to fulfil your promise on “Direct Vision” lorries – i.e. making them the norm on London’s streets. Rightly, you have said that the first step is to make sure TfL and the rest of the GLA group takes action – it must only procure goods and services from operators using the safest lorry designs; and you have also agreed to use the planning, regulatory and other powers at your disposal to influence the wider market. HGV manufacturers and operators need certainty when planning for the renewal of their fleets: we therefore call on you to make sure a comprehensive framework is in place during the course of your first year in office that gives confidence to the market, so that the fastest possible rate of replacement of old stock with new, direct vision lorries will occur.

Finally, we thank you once again for making such clear and measureable commitments to achieving the environmental, health, and quality of life benefits that mass uptake of cycling will bring to London and its rapidly growing population – not to mention the pressure this will take off the public transport system and the alleviation of congestion on our roads. The London Cycling Campaign will monitor progress with keen interest and help in any way we can.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ashok Sinha

Chief Executive

London Cycling Campaign