ORTLEIB Downtown bag, £110, www.ortlieb.com


Pitched at anyone who needs to take a smart bag into the office, the Downtown benefits from a softer, more rounded design than most. The good news is that this pannier's also as tough and no-nonsense as you’d expect from Ortlieb; touches like reinforced corners and feet are select highlights of a robust build that weighs 
just 1.5kg.

Like the Michaud, it attaches to racks at an angle so you’re less likely to kick it as you pedal. Heavy-duty waterproofing keeps your A4 documents, 15in notebook or spare clothing dry in a 12-litre interior, though the sleeker look means there’s no reflective strip at the back. It's well- featured for the money and, if you're the suited and booted type, it won't cramp your style.