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Credit: Alix Stredwick Credit: Alix Stredwick

Cycle Training

One way to encourage those who are a little unsure is to offer free cycle training, this will demonstrate the safest way to cycle and increase on road confidence. You can also offer to pay for maintenance courses so people know how to maintain their bikes. There are a number of excellent organisations that offer cycle training and cycle maintenance - have a look at the links on the right, contact us for further information. For cycle training providers nationwide contact CTC, who are overseeing the national standards for cycle training.

Show them the way

If employees are shown a recommended route to get to work, they'll be more keen to try it out. Have a look at our page on "London Route Maps" to find out how you can order the maps that LCC and TfL have developed, covering the whole of Greater London.

BUGS - Bicycle User Groups

Once people start cycling they tend to get very enthused about it, and you will probably find the cyclists in your company are keen to get involved and encourage other people on to two wheels.

If you encourage them to establish a BUG, they can take over much of the organising and day to day running of bicycle-friendly facilities. So long as someone on the management team is available to talk to the BUG and listen to its concerns, a lot of progress can be made towards making you a Cycle-Friendly Employer.

BUGs can spread the word about facilities, come to you with any concerns and some proposals for better facilities, and may even run classes on safe cycling and bike maintenance. 'Bike buddy' and 'bike bus' schemes are great ways to show nervous newcomers the best routes to work. The buddy scheme is one-on-one, while a bike bus has one or two experienced riders showing less-practised colleagues the way to work.