Our advice helped get Emma cycling

Here's a little story about Emma

At the end of 2014 Emma moved to Hackney Wick and decided to buy a bike. She wanted to be able to cycle to work in Farringdon. The only problem was, Emma really didn't know how to find a route to work, one she would want to use to commute. She had looked and our London routes planner and printed off some possible journeys, but didn't want to be cycling along trying to work out if she was going the right way in an area she didn't know very well.

In January 2015, Emma's friend suggested she contacted us at London Cycling Campaign - they might be able to help.  Emma sent us an email explaining her situation, and we replied with some useful links for her to try. We suggested that she booked a 1 to 1 cycle training session (free in most boroughs) with her local council and gave her some other links and advice. We explained that most instructors are very flexible, and in fact doing a journey with an instructor is a great way of refreshing your riding skills and learning something new - no matter how experienced a rider you think you are. 

We had a few more back and forth emails, then a few weeks later, Emma let us know that she had completed her cycle training session. Here's her email:

''I've had the cycle training which was just brilliant. I loved the trainer, who was fantastic at builing up my confidence when I had not ridden properly for years.

One of my main objectives was to learn the safest route to work, and to practice that with her, mainly so that I knew what to expect and learn any difficult junctions along the route. I have driven in London for the last 10 years but riding a bike is a completrly different discipline and having this session was a huge help.

As it was, the trainer convinced me that actually the easier and probably safer route was to go along the busier roads, simply because it meant following one main road, and not having to negotiate lots of different smaller roads. It was a great learning curve, she boosted my cycling confidence and I feel totally liberated now being able to cycle to work, not to mention the money I save on public transport! 

Strangely, almost none of my freinds know this scheme exists so I've loved spreading the word to try and encourage more cyclists to get on the road. The more the merrier right, and who fancies squeezing into a hot packed train everyday anyway!''

Emma got in contact with us again this week and sent us a photo. After a bit of time abroad, she's back on her bike, complete with wicker basket, and putting her new found cycling confidence to good use, commuting to work using her new route.  



We're really glad Emma got in touch - and booked a FREE cycle training session with her local council. There's help out there if you want to start cycling - find out more from our advice web pages. 

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