Our Campaigner Award Winners 2015!

On Saturday 17th October, at our AGM & Campaigners’ Conference we held our 2015 Campaigner Awards Ceremony to celebrate the awesome work of our local groups and activists.

The judging panel were hugely impressed by each nomination and found it incredibly hard to pick out our winners, but who did come out on top this year? Find out below!

Best Ride Leader

WINNERS: Roger Mace & John Dunn (Kingston Cycling Campaign)

For the past 15 years Roger and John have been a reliable and dedicated team, who have worked together to promote a big programme of rides which have become increasingly popular and cater for all abilities. The judges were particularly impressed that in the past year they had managed to attract more participants from minority ethnic groups.

Special Mentions: Andrew Ferger and Trevor Hughes (Bromley Cyclists)were commended for their innovation and recruitment in leading rides in Bromley. The judges were also very impressed by Charlie Fernandez from Brent Cyclists,  specifically for his efforts to highlight local infrastructure problems in his meticulously  organised rides which aim to encourage riders to join the group in their campaigning efforts! Finally, the judges wanted to give a special mention to Jane Davis of Lewisham for her excellent ride leader skills and ability to lead interesting rides, encourage newcomers and according to one of three nominators, “cajole regular attendees with good humour”!

Best Local Group Ride or Event

WINNER: Westminster Cycling Campaign – Circus to Circus protest ride

This award came down to two entries and it was tough to decide the winner! But the judges decided that in terms of achieving tangible space for cycling outcomes and coverage, Westminster Cycling Campaigns’ Circus to Circus ride was a very worthy winner. This ride which was designed to highlight the threat to one of the excellent cycling facilities in Westminster, the Moor St route from Charing Cross Road into Soho. 

As a result of the negative attention drawn to the proposals by the ride, the plans were withdrawn. The Moor St route remains open providing safe space for cycling into the vibrant streets of Soho. Great work Westminster!

Special Mention: The judges were very impressed with the Islington Cycle Safari Ride and Infrastructure tour which was described as “a well organised, informative, well attended, imaginative, campaigns oriented event, with great music and lovely cakes!” (The most important aspect of any ride, obviously). Well done ICAG!

Best Local Group Campaign or Initiative

WINNER: Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign for their Mini Holland work

The judges felt that the award should go to Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign who stood out for their truly outstanding campaign efforts on the ground-breaking mini Holland scheme in their borough; acting as a critical friend and ally to the Council during the process of planning and consulting on mini Holland projects in the borough; aiming to make Waltham Forest safer for cycling and walking. 

As well as improvements at the local level, the legacy of their work will be highly valuable for other local groups facing similar challenges (for example in Enfield & Kingston). The judges felt that the groups’ work and activities were very brave; in the face of some nasty local opposition. We’d like to highlight the herculean efforts by Simon Munk and Paul Gasson, the Council Liaison Officers at WFCC, who worked tirelessly over the past year or more on this campaign. Especially impressive was their ability to engage a whole range of different people, helping to win local ‘hearts and minds’ and ensure the mini Holland scheme became a reality in Waltham Forest. 

Special Mentions: The judges recognised the huge breadth and diversity of activity going on in this award category and were particularly excited by the innovation, initiative and use of joint working shown by Hammersmith Cyclists with Client Earth in their NO2 project. They commented on the excellent use of an evidence based approach to campaigning in this instance and are looking forward to seeing what positive change happens as a result.

The judges also commended Southwark Cyclists and the activists involved in the Road Works Patrol project, including Frances Bernstein & Andy Cawdell, for their commitment (especially the 7am early morning starts!) and practical efforts to improve conditions for cycling at road works site in south London. An important by-product of this programme is the vital relationship building that is ongoing with the group involved and TfL – something recognised by TfL themselves.

Campaigner of the Year

WINNER: Tom Harrison (Islington Cyclists Action Group)

After some difficult deliberation in this tough category, the judges felt that Tom Harrison was worthy of this years’  ‘Campaigner of the Year’ Award for his enthusiasm, energy and passion for better conditions for cycling in Islington. In the groups own words he has, “woken up ICAG”! 

From responding to consultations, building relationships with councillors & Andrew Gilligan as well as mobilising local support, the judges were wowed by the breadth of his contribution and talents. 

Special Awards

In addition to our four award categories, there were two nominees who the judges felt deserved a special award for outstanding commitment to cycle campaigning over the years; Trevor Parsons & David Arditti.


Trevor Parsons who has recently stepped down as the Coordinator for Hackney Cycling Campaign where he has held the post for the past 10 years! Trevor is one of LCC’s mainstays, having been involved with us for twenty-five years. Among his most notable achievements were playing a key role in the return of the Shoreditch gyratory to two-way operation, which unlocked cycling growth in East London in 2002/3.

Secondly David Arditti of Brent Cyclists who has been campaigning on cycling in London for over 20 years, making repeated calls for London to build a ‘world class network of segregated and largely car free cycle infrastructure’. You can read Davids’ blog here.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who made nominations this year, the range of activities, rides, events and campaigns put forward was amazing and really highlights the incredible efforts, skill and time put in by all LCC’s local groups and individual members.