Our first summer ride from Southwark to Greenwich was on the hottest day of the year

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Cycling development officer Gerhard Weiss writes:

On the hottest day of the year a fine bunch of cyclists joined our very first Summer Ride.

Starting at the London Eye, Tom Bogdanowicz was not only an inspiring and confident ride leader, but also a knowledgeable tour guide. He missed no opportunity to show us some of the fabulous landmarks along the way.

Of course, no ride is complete without a punctured tyre, but did it have to be a full 'blow out'? Thankfully with a little help, Charles was on his way soon enough.

After an hour of winding through pleasant parks and back roads, we arrived in Greenwich Park, where we all headed for a fun afternoon, pleased with our slightly improved tans.

We can't wait for the 2012 summer ride. Will it go to the Olympic Park?