Our Urban Cyclo-Cross and Tyre Change Time Trial storm the London Nocturne


This year for the first time the London Cycling Campaign sponsored our very own race at the IG London Nocturne.

Part criterium, part obstacle race, the LCC Urban Cycle Cross was the first race to pitch men against women and rider against rider in the ultimate race of truth.

On every lap competitors rode a section of the course, before dismounting and carrying their bikes over barriers, detours while having the added complication of having to stop at traffic lights - think Wacky Races, IG London Nocturne-style.

The race was inclusive for all, with Lycra clad racers taking on everyday cyclists, even a man-sized penguin.  

The race was no mean feat with 10 laps to complete jumping over two sets of kick stands, weaving in and out of cones, and 36 people took part in total.

The race started in fury for the first 100 metres before a set of red traffic lights greeted 36 eager racers.

The action resumed on amber and a small group of riders took to the front, leaving the penguin waddling in the middle of the main pack.  

The cycling was made even more eventful by the strategically positioned, 'Cyclists Dismount' now signs where participants were forced to carry their bike over cyclecross-style barriers.

The course layout provided not only a lung-busting format for riders but also gave the large and boisterous crowd plenty to shout about.  

As the race reached its climax, a group of three riders contested the yellow jersey going into the final lap.

An exciting finish saw Stefan Schott (see photo below) break away in the last few hundred metres to take the inaugural crown of LCC Urban Cycle Cross Champion 2013.  

Watch out for next year's race, where there'll be more obstacles representing the challenges everyday cyclists face on London’s streets, and keep a close eye out for sign-ups as the race is going to be twice as popular next year now the is word is out.

Ben Broomfield, one of our racers speaks:

Q: What's black and white and goes round and round? A: The penguin taking part in LCC's fantastic Urban Cyclo-cross at the IG London Nocturne.

Despite riding my heaviest bike and nearly boiling to death, I had a great time jumping, weaving and track-standing at traffic lights. The cheers from the crowd certainly helped. No crashes either, so fortunately I didn't have to p-p-p-pick myself up off the floor... I can't wait for next year."


1. Stefan Schott
2. Jonathan Dallimore
3. Alan Watson

Claire Beaumont came fourth overall, and was the winning female racer.

LCC's Tyre Change Time Trial 

The Nocturne also saw the return of our 'Tyre Change Time Trial' competition - first aired at SPIN in May. 

Race participants, mechanics and families took part, both against the clock and in head-to-head battles to win an LCC Cycle Cap, but no-one managed to better the Top 10 times recorded at SPIN. 

Mechanic Bobby Packham of Balfe's Bikes managed 2mins 20 seconds - enough to win the Top Time of the Day and a prize of his very own  LCC Milltag Jersey.

photos: James Perrin & Anna Gudaniec














Time trial photos