Our awesome volunteers help Londoners to Sign for Cycling!

There's just a week left in the Sign for Cycling campaign and as our campaigns team pick apart the statements of mayoral candidates, our plucky team of volunteers have been busy visiting bike shops and cafes, catching cyclists at traffic lights and doing everything thay can to ensure Londoners know about the petition.

To date, we've reached over 11,000 petition signatures and have three mayoral candidates signed up for our three point agenda.

Thanks to donations from our generous members and supporters, our volunteers have been equipped with flyers, bike tags and petition apps for their phones or tablets - all the tools they need to reach out to cyclists.

As they've been canvassing they've been keeping us up to date on social media. Here's just a taste of what they've been up to...


Thanks again to all of our volunteers and donors.

We do still need more help for the remaining flyering/signing sessions to make a big push before May 5th. If you're able to help please sign up here.

If you're not able to join us on-street, please consider making a donation to help our volunteers make sure Sign for Cycling is a success.

Donate now!