Over 10 000 people support Space for Cycling petition

Our Space for Cycling petition is now closed. Thank you to the thousands of Londoners, 10 207 to be precise, who signed!

You joined us in calling for council leaders in 32 boroughs across Greater London to deliver on their promises to create safe and inviting space for cycling. 



LCC staff, and our network of local groups have begun delivering the petition signatures to council leaders. 

The petition is asking leaders to deliver improvements for cycling in every local area in London. These are improvements which 862 councillors, across every borough, promised to implement in May 2014.

These commitments included installing protected cycle lanes; removing through motor traffic from key cycle routes and making town centres and high streets walking and cycling-friendly. You can find out more about what we're calling for in your local area on our Space for Cycling Map.

Many local LCC groups have organised their own handover meetings. In Kensington & Chelsea, local group coordinator, Martin Carr, from K&C Cyclists met with Leader of the Council, Cllr Nicholas Paget-Brown on the 17th June to put the case forward for cycling.

In Camden, local group representatives delivered the Space for Cycling petition to the Council at a full Council meeting on the 24th June. Angela Hobsbaum, coordinator of Camden Cycling Campaign said:

“I hope that this presentation had the effect of reminding all the councillors present of the ongoing need to prioritise cycling”.

The petition signatures have been delivered with a new guide, Creating Space for Cycling: A guide for councillors, which has been published by London Cycling Campaign to help councils deliver on their promises.

The guide is available to download and copies can be ordered by emailed activism@lcc.org.uk

Amy Summers, Activism Coordinator at London Cycling Campaign, said:

“Space for Cycling is great for everyone, but currently London’s councils have a long way to go before it’s safe and inviting for everybody to cycle. The specific improvements that councillors promised, if elected, to implement, would make a huge difference and open up cycling for the thousands of people in London who would like to cycle, but don’t currently feel that it’s safe enough for them to do so.

“We hope that council leaders will listen to the voices of local people calling for safe space for cycling and ensure these improvements are delivered as a priority.”


London Cycling Campaign are tracking progress to deliver each of the 629 local cycling improvements on our Space for Cycling map. Local councillors can email any updates or progress news to spaceforcycling@lcc.org.uk for inclusion on the map.

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·         The specific cycling improvements identified locally are part of the London-wide Space for Cycling campaign. Local measures for cycling improvements in all of London’s 629 electoral wards were formulated after London Cycling Campaign surveyed 4500 local people in December 2013, and in coordination with LCC’s 32 local groups.

·         London Cycling Campaign’s online mapping tool contains maps, descriptions and location information for local demands for cycling improvements for all 629 wards, and updates on progress where councils have provided information.

·         Each local demand for cycling improvements falls into one of six categories, which are the key themes of the Space for Cycling campaign:

  1. Protected space on mains roads and at junctions
  2. Removal of through motor traffic
  3. 20mph speed limits
  4. Safe cycle routes to schools
  5. Cycle-friendly town centres
  6. Cycle routes through parks and green spaces