Over 4500 commuter cyclists sign LCC's No More Lethal Lorries petition

photo Cyclists sign the No More Lethal Lorries petition calling for better HGV driver training in London

Over 4500 cyclists signed LCC's No More Lethal Lorries petition during the 30 March 2011 Day of Action.

2000 names were added between 7.30-10am, with another 2500 being added during the evening rush hour.

The petition calls for on-bike cycle-awareness training for all council HGV drivers and sub-contractors, and now nearly 10,000 cyclists have called for the measure to be introducted across Greater London.

LCC's chief executive Ashok Sinha said: "Today we saw massive support for more lorry driver training from London's cyclists.

"We hope when we present the petition to the mayor and local councils they agree to implement this simple, cost-effective measure to improve cyclist safety.

"Since we started our campaign five London boroughs have adopted the measure, but there's no reason why every borough can't do it.

"It's interesting to note that many people on foot also signed, some saying they wished the roads were safer so they could cycle regularly."

Special thanks to all our volunteers

"We owe a huge thanks to all the volunteers and local group activists who took part in our Day of Action.

The Day of Action has also resulted in a number of donations to the No More Lethal Lorries appeal.

You can sign the petition or donate here.

LCC also thanks Cycle Systems, Evans Cycles Waterloo and the Royal Mint St car park for lending us free storage space