Owen Street crossing review

It’s been a year now since the final touches were made to possibly the most heavily used junction for cyclists in the borough.

A junction already heavily used by motor vehicles and increasingly used by pedestrians. Shown above being blocked by a parked bus, with the cyclists being forced to use the pedestrian crossing, yes …it’s the Owen Street crossing.

After a successful campaign by ICAG this important section cycle route was saved from possible demise. Both Islington council and the developers of the land between Goswell Road and St. John Street kept a small cut through open for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Apart from being internationally famous for its annual bicycle breakfast event what’s the big deal, we won didn’t we? Well yes, we won the battle to keep the route open, but can it be improved.

Here are a few questions:

Section between Goswell Road and St. John Street

1. Do cyclists really need the shared pavement, the pedestrians that were forced to “go around” no longer do and there is definitely conflict.
2. Could cyclist use the small private road instead, and be in a better position to cross to the central area, perhaps with a yellow grid to deter light jumping motorists.

Section between Goswell Road and City Road (Central area)

1. Could the pavement be lowered to clearly define what is cycle route and what is pavement, and stop collisions at the blind corner?
2. Will the LBI finally make an effort to determine ownership of the central area so that improvements can be made, perhaps cycle parking.

Section between Central area and Colebrook Row

1. Are we happy with the timing of the traffic lights; they seem to strongly favour the motorists and don’t tell pedestrian when to cross.
2. The facilities for pedestrians to cross here are poor often causing confusion and potential accidents with cyclists.

What do you think? ICAG would like to hear from you. Please email your views to the ICAG egroup for further discussion at:

E: icag@yahoogroups.com