Petition is now closed: support bus lanes watch

A motorbike entering a bus lane Credit: Owen Pearson

London Assembly member Jenny Jones presented London Mayor Boris Johnson with a petition from more than 3500 people asking him not to make a snap decision to allow motorbikes to use bus lanes based on evidence that Transport for London says is unreliable. The petition was handed to Jenny Jones by LCC board members on June 18th 2008. 

Thousands of petitioners included messages to Boris: 

'I am sad to say that this might force me off the road altogether as a cyclist'

'Please do not make hasty decisions that could endanger lives -- and are very likely to drive cyclists off the road because it becomes more frightening and unpleasant.'

'Bus lanes are currently one of the few safe places to cycle when on busy roads.'

'It is difficult to believe that as a fellow cyclist Boris Johnson does not see what a terrible idea this is'

LCC's chief executive Koy Thomson said: "While we would support measures to make motorcycling safer such as a 20mph speed limit, there is no clear environmental, safety, or congestion reason for allowing motorcycles into bus lanes" 

'This would be a decision taken not only against the advice of transport officials and without the input of cycling and pedestrian groups, but also in the face of a warning that this could 'disbenefit' cyclists and pedestrians. There has been no attempt to assess the impact of this measure across London for all street users. ' 

The motorbikes in bus lanes petition is now closed

If you'd like to register your experiences of the trial or report any incidents, visit or Bus Lane Watch pages at