PITLOCK skewers, £39, www.londonfieldscycles.co.uk

Similar in idea to the Pinhead skewers we previously tested, but offering even greater reassurance as there’s 256 different ‘Pit key’ combinations to deter thieves. Fitting is straightforward: simply remove your old skewers and insert the Pitlocks, ensuring all the washers are fitted in the correct order (the company also recommends lightly greasing the threads); then tighten the Pitlock key by hand before finishing with no more than half to one turn using a 14mm spanner. This set contains skewers for front and rear wheels only but there’s other options including seatpost pins available. Each set comes with a ‘code card’ to make reordering any lost Pit keys easier. JK

PROS anti-theft deterrent
CONS just don’t lose the key!