Planning your own ride

The London Cycle Guides

London is a great place to explore. With the London Cycle Maps and an A-Z you can discover interesting routes that may not be part of the cycle network, but are off road, or on quiet roads.

Members of your local group will be able to help you.

There are plenty of books and websites to look at to help you make up your own routes. These include:

Books and Maps

London Cycle Guides 1- 19.
You can order these free cycle route maps for all of London here.  Telephone 020 722 1234

Sustrans – cycle maps for London and the UK. Telephone 0845 113 0065

Around London South / Around London North Philips’s (£8.99)

London Cycle Guide: 25 Great Rides in and Around the Capital. Nicky Crowther, Christopher Pick (£8.99)

Cycling Without Traffic: London / Cycling Without Traffic: South East. Nick Cotton (£9.99)