Plans unveiled for space for cycling across Camden Town

Camden Council has unveiled plans for an important new two-way east-west cycle route across Camden Town. It will run from St Pancras Way along Pratt Street, across Royal College Street to Camden High Street, where a two-way cycle crossing will be provided. It will then run two-way along Delancey Street as far as Mornington Terrace, linking to the cycle lane in Royal College Street, and a new route in Pancras Road. A later consultation on the continuation of this route to Regents Park is promised. The work is part of the Mayor’s Central London Grid.

Delancy Street between Mornington Terrace and Camden High Street

Delancey St

Plans for Delancey Street include 2m wide stepped cycle tracks on both sides of the road and only a single lane for motor traffic. There will be a cycle crossing over Camden High Street, which Transport for London will consult on separately. The design will ban the right turn out of Pratt Street so as to allow two-way cycling across Camden High Street in the same signal stage as the westbound motors. 

Pratt Street between Camden High Street and Bayham Street

Pratt St

Pratt Street between Camden High Street and Bayham Street will feature 1.7 m wide protected cycle tracks on both sides of the road and a single lane for motors, plus a tiger crossing over Bayham Street (side by side zebra and cycle crossing). Pratt Street between Royal College Street and St Pancras Way, where the street is one-way eastbound, will feature a 2m wide stepped contraflow cycle track.

Phil Jones, Camden’s cabinet member for transport, said: “These new plans are for some of best cycling facilities that London has seen and will open up a network of safe and attractive routes for the growing number of cyclists who want to cycle through Camden.

“Camden already has some safe and attractive cycle routes and by the end of 2015, we are on track to have doubled the amount of segregated cycle lanes in the past two years.

“By the end of 2016 we plan to have over 10km of new and improved segregated cycle lanes in the borough linking many of our town centres to each other and to the West End and City.”

Camden Cycling Campaign have set up a Cyclescape thread to discuss the plans before the consultation deadline on 30 September. Find out more on Camden Council's website.