Please take 20 seconds to tell the Mayor of London cyclists need a safe Bow roundabout

Currently the choices for cyclists at the Bow roundabout are:

1. Use the 'Superhighway'

2. Use the flyover

In a civilised city, neither of these is acceptable...

Today, we've written to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson telling him Bow roundabout needs to be redesigned to make it safe for cyclists (see text below).

Now we want you to do the same: write now

Two fatal crashes in three weeks at this location is an unacceptable death toll.

Please add your voice to those calling for change: 

Mrs Debbie Dorling, widow of Brian Dorling who was killed at Bow on 24 October by an HGV:

 "We went to watch the reconstruction of the collision and whilst I was watching the traffic in 20 minutes 3 more cyclists were nearly hit. I said to the police and traffic engineer at the time that someone else will die."

Former mayoral candidate Steven Norris said at the weekend:

"I'm a huge supporter of more cycling in London … but I do think that we've got to look at the Cycle Superhighways and make sure they really are safe."

London Cycling Campaign

Dear Mayor,

Last Friday a second cyclist in three weeks was killed in a collision with a motor vehicle on your Cycle Superhighway at Bow Roundabout, east London.

London Cycling Campaign is appalled and deeply saddened by this preventable tragedy.

We know you must feel the same and will want to do everything you can to prevent more such deaths.

You'll be aware that we, the London Cycling Campaign, and others have written to Transport for London on a number of occasions highlighting the very serious dangers presented to cyclists and pedestrians at and near this junction, including after it was redesigned to accommodate the Cycle Superhighway.

We call on you to take urgent and immediate action to make this junction safe for all road users.

Staff and local volunteers at London Cycling Campaign are ready to assist in any way to support an urgent and immediate redesign.

Yours sincerely,

Ashok Sinha
Chief executive

Please take the time to email the Mayor write now