Policy Forum elections: general membership vote

All LCC members are entitled to vote for two ‘general membership’ representatives who will sit on the LCC Policy Forum for the next 24 months. There are five candidates, and two places, with voting open for 10 days from January 14th.


The candidate names and statements are below. If you are an LCC member and you have not received your ballot email, please email membership@lcc.org.uk by middday on 21 January 2016.


For more information about the vote please contact Rachel, Chair of the Policy Forum: rachel@lcc.org.uk


The candidates are


Isabelle Clement:
(a) Background/experience:

As Director of Wheels for Wellbeing (www.wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk) and an urban commuter handcyclist, I have extensive experience of what it takes to create the right environment so everyone can cycle. My organisation works with 1,300 disabled and older people per year in South London, supporting them to discover that they can cycleand helping them grow their cycling ambitions. We have drafted key principles of inclusive cycling in terms of cycling infrastructure and cycling policy. We work with cycling campaigners & professionals so they realise disabled people do cycle and we work towards Inclusive Cycling becoming the norm in the UK. I initiated #BeyondTheBicycle, an alliance with parent cyclists and cargo cyclists who encounter many of the same issues as disabled & older cyclists. I aim to bring an understanding of cycling to disability groups and of disability to cycling groups.

(b) Interests: Inclusive Cycling in all its guises.

David Cohen:

 Since 2014, I’ve attended many evening policy forum seminars, hosted by Rachel Aldred, cycling@lunchtime seminars hosted by Tom Cohen, Deputy Director, UCL Transport Institute, and Camden Cycling Campaign monthly meetings.

 I’ve brought much of the above into my role as co-administrator / co-editor of the London Borough of Camden staff Bicycle User Group, undertaken since 2007. It has included being the primary editor for a quarterly blog and bi-weekly emails, and over the last nine months the administrator of the ‘Cycling and BUG’ group in the yammer social media application. I was also part of a BUG working group, meeting with corporate groups over a 12 month period to ensure that the right cycling facilities (access, parking, changing, showers, storage etc.) were provided when staff moved into our new corporate building at 5 Pancras Square, during summer 2014.

I’m interested in what stops people cycling, and what can encourage more people to cycle.

Steven Edwards:

I am a peripatetic music tutor and Camden Cycling Campaign committee member attending LCC Policy meetings as an observer over the last year.

I am interested in how best to transform the capital and beyond, to achieve the goal of cycling becoming ‘normalised’ - noting the current ’bikelash’ as improvements start to be realised. I see the need to translate policy into language that enables local groups and the wider public to participate in the London-wide plan, with the Go Dutch and Space For Cycling campaigns evolving into the next campaign stage. I find the ongoing revision and review of specific infrastructure approaches very exciting, along with the current resolution of disparate yet deeply knowledgeable voices of LCC members.

To paraphrase Brian Deegan - “London already is a great cycle scheme, it just happens to have cars all over it at the moment!” 

Nick Fulford:

For the last 15 years I have been managing director of a PR, events and social media agency in East London. Professionally, I have provided brand and media consultation to organisations like the BBC, Virgin, Puma, Lastminute.com, The Mirror and Spanx. In 2012, my strategy for Channel 4’s Public Affairs programme Battlefront won a PR Week Award. Prior to PR I worked in journalism across magazines and newspapers.

I am a keen cyclist, as a commuter, a holiday tourer, a weekend cyclist and a charity bike rider. I am also a longstanding member of LCC but have, until now, focused my support to letter writing in newspapers and social media.

I am now able to provide proper commitment and time to the LCC and hope my skills may be of use. I would humbly offer my services in helping to create policy and also supporting the LCC’s communication activity. I am particularly interested in looking at strategies to diffuse the ratcheting aggression on London’s roads and also how the growing negative media perception of cyclists in the capital can be reversed.

Anthony Gilmour:

(a) I:

* am trained in philosophy

* was the jurisdiction adviser for the Parliamentary Ombudsman

* know much about public administration (and its pitfalls), the legislative process, and some areas of law and policy, including highways and transport

* have helped with local campaigning since 1997

* was in the LCC team that defeated provisions in bills promoted by the London authorities harmful to the interests of cycling

* am a trustee of two charities and have other experience in the voluntary sector

* have been a member of the Forum and its secretary, and attended every meeting and many of the seminars.

(b) On the Forum, I have supported well-grounded policy proposals but worked to keep policy reasonably flexible and leave local campaigners reasonable room for judgment. I wish to continue that work, and to help develop a better process for LCC policy. I have a particular interest in road traffic and the law.