Policy Forum update

The Policy Forum held elections and welcomes new members who will sit on the Forum in 2016 and 2017. Welcome particularly to our two new members, Isabelle Clement (new general member) and Andrew Larssen (new Outer London member). Isabelle is the Director of Wheels for Wellbeing (www.wheelsforwellbeing.org.uk) and an urban commuter handcyclist. She has been leading the push for inclusive cycling and is working towards it becoming the UK norm. It’s a perfect fit for LCC given our stress on creating infrastructure that works for all ages and abilities.

Andrew, our new Outer London member, is an LCC activist in Enfield, and has gained experience being involved in campaigning for the mini-Holland there. He’s keen to develop provision that attracts children and less confident cyclists, as well as keeping more experienced cyclists safe.

Isabelle and Andrew join a team that includes members with a range of policy experience and interests. Our first meeting of the year discussed progress and next steps on current hot policy topics. These include supporting activists in understanding and critiquing transport modelling, enabling inclusive cycling, making common cause with disabled pedestrians, responding to media portrayals of cycling and cyclists, and promoting the wider benefits of removing through motor traffic from residential areas.

Do any of these areas interest you? Or do you have other topics you’d like to work on? All LCC members are welcome to come to our regular Policy Forum meetings: the next is on Wednesday 6th April at 6pm at Westminster University (Baker St). Contact rachel@lcc.org.uk for more information or to join our email list. We also organise a regular seminar series – the next one is on Monday 7th March with Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan.