Polish Scouting Group

Polish Scouting Group


Using participants of this Balham-based group and contacts within the local Polish community, this project planned to offer practical on-road cycle training combined with fun cycle visits to engage local children and young people and introduce them to the healthful and useful aspects of cycling. Pool bikes would make this project inclusive.

CLPP role

The bid included funding for cycle-training, visits to Eastway Cycle Track, the purchase of pool bikes and the production of a DVD about the project, made by the participants. The cycle-training element was passed on to Lambeth Council to fund from their cycle training budget.

Project development and outcomes

  • Any participant without a bike was offered use of the pool bikes

  • On-road cycle training with young people aged 11+ took place on Saturday mornings over a four week period

  • The course was oversubscribed and a second course is planned

  • Younger children took part in fun activities and will be able to progress on to the cycle training course

  • A successful ‘off road and cycle track’ day at Eastway track was enjoyed by all and also helped improve bike handling skills

  • Further trips are planned

  • Basic cycle maintenance was included in the project

  • A DVD has been filmed and produced of the project. These will be used to encourage other local groups to run similar projects and suggest how this can be achieved. They can also be distributed and used by cycling professionals wishing to showcase a community project.

  • Feedback has been very positive with several parents expressing that they feel much more confident in allowing their children to cycle and will now allow them to cycle to school etc.


The project will continue and will also further cycle promotion by sharing the ideas and concept with other Polish community groups in London: local interest has been very high with other groups asking if they could run and project like this and how to go about it. The group hopes to pass on best practise from their project to these groups, both locally and using contacts London-wide. This will create a further demand for funding, for continuation of the initial project and also for new projects inspired and encouraged by this one. Further funding this year has opened the cycling activities up to girls in the community.

This vital community work could not be done without the support of our membership. The best way to ensure more local communities are introduced to the benefits of cycling is to become a member today.