Politicians back widespread 20mph speed limits in London

Both the national government and the London Assembly are backing an expansion of 20mph speed limits in London.

The Transport Committee of the London Assembly has published a report (download it on the right) supporting extended borough-wide trials of 20mph limits, and urging the mayor to increase funding for the measure.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has launched a consultation on road safety, with 20mph limits being seen as a key measure in reducing deaths of Britains roads by a third by 2020.

We say act now to save lives
LCC welcomes the increased support, though the evidence for 20mph speed limits is overwhelming, and we're concerned that any delay in implementation can only mean unnecessary deaths and injuries and prevent badly needed increases in sustainable transport use.

We will be sending a detailed response to the DfT's consultation, which ends on 15 July.

Reduce speeds on London's busy bridges
LCC is also lobbying to have speed limits reduced to 20mph on all Greater London Thames bridges to increase cyclist safety.

A DfT report, which LCC only obtained after a Freedom of Information request, backs the measure. See the links on the right for more details.