Private Hire Vehicles to get congestion charged?

Photo credit: Simon Doggett


TfL has just finished consulting on proposals to change the central London’s congestion charging – primarily to remove the current exemption for private hire vehicles.

Given that TfL attributes 75% of congestion to ‘excess traffic’, and both black taxis and other PHVs contribute significantly to that as well as to air pollution, we think it’s great news – but does not go far enough. 

You can read our full response to the consultation is here. But in summary, we’ve said:

  • Taxis and any other form of private motor vehicle should not be exempt from congestion charging. 
  • Wheelchair users and other registered disabled people should be entitled to exemptions or reduced fares via a voucher or card scheme.
  • Ultimately, road-user pricing – that adapts to location, time, vehicle emissions and other factors – is vital to reducing overall car use (including private hire and taxi use) in London. By introducing this, the Mayor can free up space for protected space for cycling, and create safer and calmer road conditions, which will enable many more people to walk and cycle.