Product review: Aura belt


Hertfordshire-based company Aura Cycle Systems has recently produced the Aura belt, combining the latest LED technology to increase side visibility of cyclists and runners, in a more subtle and stylish way than a yellow ‘hi-viz’ vest. 

The Aura belt has three ‘modes’ – it can be set to a constant glow, slow pulsing or strobe flash. We’ve been testing an electric blue belt and found the constant glow mode is perhaps a bit too subtle if you’re hoping to be noticed by motor traffic in a built-up area – but the pulsing and strobe modes certainly catch the eye, even from a distance on a well-lit commute. 

They're fully adjustable – apparently adjustable from a women’s size 4 UK to men’s size 38in – with rumours of a larger version on the way) – and made of nylon webbing. The hidden battery unit (2 x replaceable CR2032s) is easily operated with or without gloves. We think the clip is a little bit bulky to wear it as a normal belt, so it is probably best worn over your jacket around the hips. 

Could make a good buy now the nights are drawing in! Belts are available to buy online at for £25.


Review: Anna Gudaniec