Product Review: Lucas KOTR R500 front light

Lucas KOTR R500 Front light

This is an incredibly powerful LED front light with full beam output of 565 lumens, plus two lower settings of 280 and 140 lumens respectively. There's also two flashing modes to allow for longer rides (one setting flashes SOS in morse code apparently – just in case!).

On the highest setting, the light lasted for 45 minutes and the unit itself gets extremely hot, before clicking itself down to the lower setting which then lasts another 5 hours. Either of the two lower settings (280 or 140 lumens) are perfectly adequate for normal use and you can expect to get up to 7 hours use on these.

The USB charger is handy and a single charge took between 5-8 hours, but unfortunately there is no indicator on the light to tell you when it's charged.

The light also comes with a two-pin mains charger which would be helpful in the USA – and this does have a light to indicate when charged.

The light itself makes a handy torch too. Yet considering how robust the light itself is, the accompanying bracket doesn't match these standards. It's incredibly flimsy and on many occasions has flung open when cycling over a bump or uneven surface, leaving the heavy light to fly out onto the road. With more use, it became even more unreliable, and we had to take to holding onto the light every time we cycled over surfaces that were even mildly rough. Far from ideal, especially considering the high price tag.

Review: Amy Summers