Product review: Overade Plixi



In the last 12 months the cycling industry’s seen a rash of new helmet innovations, including several of a folding design aimed at commuters. According to the Paris-based founder of Overade, the main reason urban cyclists don’t wear a helmet is “the inconvenience of carrying it when you’re not on the bike”. So he invented the Plixi to appeal particularly to users of the popular Velib cycle hire scheme and other space-starved bike riders. 

While most other ‘folding’ designs merely concertina together, not actually reducing overall bulk very much, the Plixi is more sophisticated, using a three-stage hinge and slide mechanism.

From folded you simply spread the two halves apart, pull out the sides and slide to the back down to secure it all together; it takes less than ten seconds and results in a very secure and stylish shell that conforms to European safety standards.

The chinstrap’s fully adjustable (with chinguard) and two sets of Velcro-attachable pads can be mixed and matched to find the most comfortable fit. 

There’s two size options — S/M (54-58cm) and L/XL (59-62cm) — but we found the former a bit too snug at the temples and stuck with the larger. Luckily the deliberately low-profile shape ensures you dont look like you’re wearing an upturned canoe and 14 vents ensure your noggin’s kept well ventilated.

It comes with its own pouch and a removable peak is available for an extra tenner. Folding down to a third of its size will impress a lot of people — managing it with aesthetic appeal will likely impress even more. 

Review: John Kitchiner