Product review: Sealskinz Ultra Grip gloves

SEALSKINZ Ultra Grip Glove

Like many mountain bikers, we've been fans of Sealskinz socks for a very long time. Few proper bike shoes are truly waterproof, so it's become second nature to slip on a pair of Sealskinz during inclement weather and relish their waterproof properties and impressive warmth retention. We'd been eyeing the company's gloves for a while and, with perfect timing, finally got to test some over the last couple of months.

The glove construction mimics the sock design in that there's a special waterproof membrane sandwiched between the knit layers. These layers stretch together and provide a comfortable, close fit. As well as being waterproof the gloves are also totally windproof, which is equally important on those wind-whipped early morning commutes. They're much more breathable than you might expect too, though we do get a hint of clamminess on slightly mixed weather days.

A very fine layer of Merino wool lines each glove for a noticeable boost in warmth, but it's not so bulky as to interfere with handlebar grip. While obviously not allowing the same level of dexterity as your regular faux leather/Clarino long-fingered gloves, they're a darm sight better than the massively padded ski-style models that Sealskinz themselves and many big manufacturers offer.

Grip and braking is aided by the rubberised dotted areas on both the palm and fingertips.  

Our test pair came in black, but the gloves are also available in olive, ecru, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange, the latter of which we felt looked more interesting on this page. Sizes S-XL.

We'd happily wear these for the wettest and windiest days as they have few peers in performance terms, though for the very coldest dry days there are maybe better insulated options. They're also good for running and other outdoor activities.

Review: John Kitchiner